Our Student Testimonials

When I joined the school, I couldn’t speak any English at all. You can never guess how difficult it was. After nearly two years, I now attend international conferences without a translator and am able to not only deliver my lectures in English, but also answer the participants questions in an appropriate way.

I believe that My School ITALY has considerably contributed to my career as Doctor and as a researcher. The teachers I had were amazing. The things they taught me are facilitating my professional life. I am really greatful to all of you.

- Elena

My School ITALY’s teachers and staff are really engaged and friendly. They alsways listen to students in order to help them to improve their English skills. I truly recommend My School ITALY to all the students who want to learn, improve or perfect their English in the best conditions.

- Sebastiano


In Europe , ITALY

In Asia , INDIA

My school ITALY is located in the heart of Bari.

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