Step: 1- Enquiry about Franchisee
The interested franchisee of RITZY SCHOOLS has to fill online franchisee enquiry form that is on our website or can also directly email to:

Step: 2 - Conversation with Prospect
After receiving the Franchise enquiry and online Franchisee Application Form, our Business Team will revert back within two working days. A conference call meeting with the applicant will be fixed. After detailed telephonic conversation, the entire financials and project details either through courier or mail would be sent to understand the applicant’s interest and commitment for Franchisee business.

Step: 3 - Feasibility Analyses
Once a non - refundable fee of Rs.5,000/- (Rupees Five Thousand only) is paid to RITZY SCHOOLS , our Business Team will initiate the feasibility process. Our Team will travel to desired locality, visit the premises, understand the potential of that place and the local market matrix. In case, our team finds the place suitable for the business & security of the students, then we will take the project to the next level and the amount will be adjusted against the franchise fees. But if the site is found non feasible for our Project as per standards set by RITZY SCHOOLS , we would recommend changes so as to make it suitable for the project.

Step: 4 - Direct Interaction with Corporate Office in Italy
After approval of site by our Business Team, a meeting with our Corporate Office is organised to provide complete information about us and also discuss franchisee opportunity in wider spectrum. Complete project detail, required investment plan & future prospect of Kindergarten franchisee business is provided to aspirant franchisee.

Step: 5 - MOU & Franchise Agreement
Once we get declaration from Prospective Franchisee that he/she completely understands our Model and has the potential, capability and required investment for setting up RITZY SCHOOLS , we first sign the MOU (Memorandum of