Educational Projects

Our Pedagogy

My School ITALY Team has put in a lot of effort in framing the learning material appropriate for the kindergarten. Our books, work sheets, lab activities that use practical life material, sensorial materials and other learning material has been carefully researched and selected by our Team after a lot of research. We have maintained high international standards in terms of academics.

Our curriculum is the back bone of My School ITALY. The basic principle of our curriculum is "Child Development" and "Child Learning”. We believe in stress-free learning. Our children are not forced to learn, but encouraged to participate and are involved in various sensory, exploratory and interesting activities to foster their holistic development.My School ITALY continuously updates its Curriculum and teaching techniques according to the latest research in the field of child pedagogy. In 2008, European Union set a standard Curriculum for all Preschools in its member nations after examining Curriculum of 10 countries: Britain, Belgium, France, Finland, Greece, Italy, Ireland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden. This Curriculum provides methodological guidelines for enhancing young children’s active engagement in reading and writing activities, a print-rich classroom environment and emphasises the communicative nature of learning. We have successfully followed this Curriculum for last ten years in our schools in Italy, Germany and Romania and now we are the only one’s to bring this: World’s MOST POPULAR Curriculum to INDIA

Our Teaching Tool “Decant” makes it easy for the child to learn languages, rhymes, science, social science, moral science, mathematics, drawing, art and craft in a way that he or she learns the various subjects without realising the fact that X concept belongs to Y subject. All our books, worksheets and activities are designed according to “Decant”. This tool helps in Cognitive Development of children during early education and it has strong impact on the attendance and participation of children once they enter primary school. We have developed this tool keeping in mind the three central concepts of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) of subjectivity, consciousness and learning.

Our Teaching Tool: DECANT