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Our Activities

Our Activities

The activities offered to children during the day follow a program with a different theme each year, designed to capture the attention and entertain the children. The child gradually learns his/her own identity, learns to relate to peers, with the educator, with father and mother and the adult figures outside their family life. Meanwhile, he/she acquires the various developmental skills about walking, talking, exploring and learning about the environment, and experiences his/her achievements that promote growth in self-esteem.

Each educator is responsible for the group of children who are entrusted to her and together with her parents she agrees on an educational growth path to pursue at home and in My School ITALY , each with its own role.

Inside My School ITALY the work is carried out with the collaboration of the entire staff for the comparison on the observation of the child, on the activities carried out, on the methodology used, on the needs of the group and of each individual child. The child's education involves the various aspects of physical, intellectual, human and emotional development.

The child finds sweetness and firmness, need and strong motivation in an environment that gradually feels more and more his. The recognition of environments, objects and the regularity of routine generate self-confidence, security and a sense of well-being.

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