My School ITALY proposes it’s Kindergarten Franchising Projects for all those who would like to contribute to the Early Education System of the country. We believe strongly in what Thomas Edison, General Electric Co-founder said : "The value of an idea lies in the using of it.

ITALY being a non-English speaking European country, couldn’t enter the world of International Kindergarten Franchising Industry. Like all other Italian products and brands that are known for quality, proficiency, excellence and pride,My School ITALY also cherishes the similar qualities. Just being an Italian Kindergarten - speaks for itself!

Parents look out for the best early learning and care environment for their children since their birth and now a days it is trend to start schooling at play school right after second birthday of a child. So to run a successful International Kindergarten such as ours, is not only a lucrative business but is also an entertaining and a pleasurable one.

As you get to know more about us, you will see that My School ITALY is more than a school. It’s the very essence of what we do. Our philosophy, our people, our commitment and our resources are all focused on helping us to give the children an excellent start in life, exposing them to the best of both oriental and occidental ethos. When this is achieved, success of our franchisee is guaranteed and high returns on investment are expected.