10 Reasons to choose us

1. Fantastic central location- It´s just 3 min. walk from Bari´s central station.

2. Small course sizes- Not more than 10 students in each course. We believe that ´smallness´ enhances your experience and achievement and helps the teachers to respond more quickly and closely to your needs and interests.

3. Reasonably priced, quality English courses with enthusiastic and dynamic teachers who have passion for teaching.

4. Positive, friendly, and supportive learning environment where you will experience a sense of intimacy and belonging. You will feel confident using English and you will speak as much as you can. All lessons will be taught in a fun and relaxed way.

5. Free study material, flexible timetable and superb range of English courses- Start any day of the week!

6. Excellent student support- Tutorials, individual learning plans, self study guides, etc.

7. Exciting social events- We believe that there is no better way than to learn and practice English outside the classroom. So we organise a lot of social events- parties, going together to pubs, restaurants, beaches, and sight seeing.

8. 98% recommendation rate by former students. To get a feel for this have a look at our Face book page: click here!

9. What makes us different from other schools is that all our teachers and staff are included in the decision making process at the school and this promotes professionalism, serenity and continuity in learning and mastering a language.

10. Our promise- You will be able to express yourself easily. Unique well developed Dynamic Speaking Method which sets the students to speak fluently and naturally in a very short span of time.

I hope this all sounds appealing to you because the aim of My School ITALY is to provide you with the best teaching and the best value option for learning English. Attend a course with us and we guarantee your English will improve. Find the course that is best for you.-

Dr. Aperna Volluru

Founder & Director


In Europe , ITALY

In Asia , INDIA

My school ITALY is located in the heart of Bari.

Watch the video to know about our uniqueness.